Thursday, June 11, 2015

SHUT UP AND HANG TEN! Luau or Die at the Canadian Pinball Championships 2015

Here's what I am most excited about for the 2015 Canadian Pinball Championships!

On the opening night of the Championships, Friday, July 3rd, local surf band Luau or Die are gonna be playing two wet 'n' wild sets of surf music on the stage of 3030 to kick off the weekend!

For those that know me, Surf music is one of my biggest passions. I produce a monthly Surf music podcast, The Surfphony of Derstruction 2000, and attend a ton of local shows. When I'm not writing about pinball, I'm writing about Surf shows on this wicked blog, Punks Don't Think.

Of course, pinball is my other passion so to bring these two together is a dream of mine! Come on out on Friday, July 3rd at 10 PM to 3030 Dundas West to witness this amazing night! Play some pinball, listen to some awesome Surf music and have a few tasty beers. You will not be disappointed; every person I have brought out to see Luau or Die has been completely floored by the band. See for yourself what the surfer spies will have in store for you!

These are exclusive tracks that I obtained when I infiltrated the secret headquarters of Luau or Die. I also sat down and chatted with the band which you can here right here!

If you can't get enough Luau or Die, dig on their album, Dead on The Floor. Buy it, listen to it, and demand more Surf! Hopefully we can whet your appetite on July 3rd! I mean, there will be two sets so I'm sure we will. You just have to do one thing... SHUT UP AND HANG TEN!

We also have an appetizer for you! On Saturday June 20th, Luau or Die and King Beez will be playing a matinee show at Bumper City favorite Junction City Music Hall! Catch a wave from 1 to 5 PM in the Junction!

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