Monday, June 8, 2015

Canadian Pinball Championships 2015

It seems all I have been doing lately is promotion! I apologize about that and the lack of reviews but things are really popping in the Toronto pinball scene and I just want to make sure you keep up-to-date on all the latest happenings! Just last month, we had the first ever Beer and Ball Festival at Handlebar. Now, after a years' hiatus, the Canadian Pinball Championships are returning!

The championships are being held at 3030 in the Junction so for those who could not make it out to the last couple of years' venues, not to worry! 3030 is within Toronto and is easily accessible by TTC so you have no reason not to show up!

The games begin on Friday, July 3rd and will continue through the weekend on Saturday, July 4th, and Sunday July 5th. I highly suggest pre-registering for this awesome event to guarantee your entry in the tournament ... and also get a REALLY SWEET SHIRT!

By pre-registering for only $25, you get a sweet red-and-white shirt with customized high score initials! That is really cool. Just make sure that you pre-register before June 10th at 11:59 PM Eastern to get your hands on this exclusive offer! If that wasn't enough incentive to pre-register, you will also get extra qualifying time, a free gift bag, and door prizes!  It would be much appreciated by the organizers and myself so we can cover the costs ahead of time and ensure that the Canadian Pinball Championships go off without a hitch and provide you a most enjoyable event. If you want to pre-register, please click this link, if you haven't already clicked on the highlighted "pre-registers"!

You know that I am going to register and get MUF put on the back of my shirt haha! I probably won't be allowed into the venue wearing that... which will be a problem seeing as I am organizing Friday night's festivities! More to come on that very soon. I'm excited to bring you a real wild night with the 2015 Canadian Pinball Championships and 3030! It's going to the best of both of my worlds if you catch my drift...

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