Friday, December 11, 2015

City Pinball's Downtown Showdown

Saturday December 5th was the day for City Pinball's first pinball tournament, Downtown Showdown!
Held at the headquarters of City Pinball, that is Junction City Music Hall, the day's event was the culmination of the new league's first season. The tournament consisted of JCMH's usual lineup of The Simpsons Pinball Party, Comet, Fire!, and Tee'd Off as well as the newest additions to the roster, Twilight Zone and Rollergames. There was also a surprise entry for the tournament in the form of Metallica!
It was a small but well fought battle with many heavy hitters in the Toronto pinball scene participating. After all was said and done, John Flitton was able to win the inaugural City Pinball Tournament! The second season of City Pinball league will resume in the new year starting on Wednesday January 6th so now is as good a time as ever to join up! There will be plenty of great folks from the Toronto Pinball Crew that participated in Season 1 and hopefully some new faces so join the Crew and join the League! The pinball lineup just keeps getting better too so what's stopping you from joining City Pinball? NOTHING

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Second Look at TRON: Legacy

*DERK'S NOTE: After a brief hiatus, Bumper City is back up and running! Took some time to rejuvenate and get things sorted out but we're back it and ready to get posting! this is a bit of an older post, something I have had written up for some time now but just never had the chance to post it. I really like TRON so I want to get this post out to you instead of just collecting digital cobwebs! Also, there is a TRON: Legacy within city limits at Silver Snail on Yonge Street, just north of Dundas Station! I heard it is really nice so go check it out!*

After more than a year, TRON: Legacy has reappeared in Toronto! Back in 2011, before I moved to the city, I first experienced TRON at Done Right Inn and learned about Done Right Inn's infamous TILT settings. A few years later in 2013, I found TRON at Pegasus Bar and wrote a review about it! A few months and a couple of seasons later, TRON once again appeared at May Cafe. During its stint at May, I really got to sink my teeth into TRON: Legacy.
After May ditched TRON, it reappeared at Monarch Tavern.
TRON is long gone from Monarch Tavern, having been replaced by The Sopranos which has now been swapped out for The Walking Dead which has now been switched out for KISS! Geeze louise! The very same TRON made its way to Lipstick & Dynamite down in Parkdale for a good moment then over to Brass Taps on the Danforth, however, the wear and tear was certainly beginning to show. Right now, this particular TRON is no longer around but another TRON machine has popped up at Silver Snail on Yonge!