Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DATA EAST's Star Wars

I am getting awfully tired of talking about Stern tables! Not to say that Stern tables are lame or anything but they do cover the majority of tables in the city. Not surprising though seeing as Stern is the only current pinball manufacturer at this time (There is Jersey Jack Pinball and their Wizard of Oz table but good luck seeing that in the wild around these parts). There are not enough classic tables in the city! World Cup Soccer is out and about but it's a shame that there aren't more golden era tables in the wild. The Pinball Cafe covered that niche but unfortunately, it is no longer with us. There is, however, a little gem hiding out in the corner of Unlovable on Dundas West. That table being DATA EAST's Star Wars!

So, technically speaking, this is still a Stern table. DATA EAST, moreso known for their arcade and home console games, also tried to get their slice of the arcade pie in the late 80's and early 90's by releasing pinball machines. Data East was kind of the underdog of the pinball game; they couldn't hold up to Bally and Williams but were fighting for arcade space with former pinball great Premier/Gottlieb.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinball Update for March 2013!

I recently posted about how I updated my Google Pinball Map, Pinballin' In The Big City, but I figured an update to show where the actual updates are would be a good idea. Pictures always help too.

I do come with some bad news though. Pinball in the city has kind of hit a slump in the beginning of 2013 but hopefully things will pick up soon!

Stern's Batman at Bar 918 on St. Clair West had been having intermittent troubles with the right flipper which unfortunately came to a head when I was last there. The right flipper got stuck in the upright position and cannot move back down. Hitting the button multiple times and resetting the machine had no effect on fixing it. It has yet to be fixed.

Pegasus Bar on Church St. near Wellesley replaced Lord Of The Rings and CSI with TRON: Legacy which you can check out my review of right here!