Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinball Update for March 2013!

I recently posted about how I updated my Google Pinball Map, Pinballin' In The Big City, but I figured an update to show where the actual updates are would be a good idea. Pictures always help too.

I do come with some bad news though. Pinball in the city has kind of hit a slump in the beginning of 2013 but hopefully things will pick up soon!

Stern's Batman at Bar 918 on St. Clair West had been having intermittent troubles with the right flipper which unfortunately came to a head when I was last there. The right flipper got stuck in the upright position and cannot move back down. Hitting the button multiple times and resetting the machine had no effect on fixing it. It has yet to be fixed.

Pegasus Bar on Church St. near Wellesley replaced Lord Of The Rings and CSI with TRON: Legacy which you can check out my review of right here!

Speaking of Lord of The Rings, The Only Cafe has removed their LOTR table and has now replaced it with seating. I doubt we will be seeing another pinball machine turn up here, sadly. If you want to see the rest of The Danforth line up, then check out Big D on the Big D!

So long LOTR!
Continuing with disappearing tables, The Ballroom on John and Richmond have gotten rid of Stern's Roller Coaster Tycoon. Upsetting, but on the other hand, the table was in really rough condition. I am holding out in hopes that a new table will be replacing it.

Replay... NO MORE.

If you want some nostalgia for the Top-Selling PC-CD game, then my review of Roller Coaster Tycoon might be up yer alley! (It's also my first review on BLBC!)

In the same area, Stern's AC/DC is still rockin' a spot at Scotiabank Theatre but more often than not, it is shut off and for good reason (because it's bad HARHAR). I kid I kid... AC/DC is shut down because there has been an issue where the machine thinks the ball has drained and ends your round prematurely. This usually happens on the third ball but has happened to me on subsequent plays at any moment so don't waste your money. Go play OUTRUN 2 instead!

MUF during better times

The Rivoli replaced NASCAR with Striker XTREEEEEEME which I reviewed here! I swung by just this past weekend, (March 2, 2013) and the machine is fixed and working! Even more surprising is the drop target we broke has actually been replaced! I would have just been satisfied with the drop target being removed from the drain but props to Gilchrist Games for actually fixing the drop targets. There's still a few weak points, like the third flipper and the upkicker, that could use some tweaking but otherwise I can't complain.

Word on the street from my friend AK is that Humber Cinema has replaced Monopoly with NASCAR. If you want to play Monopoly vicariously through me then I suggest taking yerself over to this review!

Enough of the bad news... My sixth sense, my ability to hunt down pinball machines in the wild with nothing but my bare fists and wit is as sharp as ever. Introducing to you, at a BRAND NEW location on College Street, just a few steps East of Ossington at Rosa Bianca Cafe, 816 College St., all the way in the backroom amongst the video poker machines, tucked up against the wall... HAHAHAHA X-MEN! WELCOME... TO DIE!

TOO KOOL! X-Men is a blast to play and this particular table is no slouch. Everything is in working order and the table is spotless. This is the Pro version, however, if you want to see the Limited Edition Magneto table, check out my trip to the Canadian Pinball Tournament and an... IMPROMPTU REVIEEEEW of X-Men Magneto LE.

If you find yourself outside of Toronto in the Oshawa/Whitby area, my favourite haunt, Leisure Lanes, FINALLY replaced their Iron Man machine with Avatar!

I'm kind of on the fence about Avatar. It's tough as hell and a lot of the shots require precision but it feels like you're making a bunch of shots without anything really happening. It takes a while to get any sort of multiball going for one. As this has just recently appeared, I gotta take some more time to really form an opinion of it. On the other hand, the table is in mint condition and looks and plays great!

ALRIGHT! In summary a few machines are missing but DANG WHO CARES! I found a new one and that one is X-MEN! Awesome! Now that you have the latest updates in pinball, get some change and get out there! MUF needs a challenger!

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