Monday, January 28, 2013

Update for Pinballin' in The Big City

Quick update to let you all know I have made a well-needed update to my pinball map of Toronto, Pinballin' in The Big City. Couple of new machines and a few old ones have gone MIA or out of order. Check it out and get out there with a fistful of change!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TRON: Legacy


That seemed to be the main (and maybe only reason) people went to see TRON: Legacy. I know it was a selling point for me because I didn't have a whole heckuva lot of interest in the movie but I did like me some Daft Punk here and there. I've seen the movie but to be quite honest I barely even remember it. NOW the pinball on the other hand is something to get worked up about! A pinball game about a movie about an arcade game... Ya can't go wrong with that.

And let me tell you something, Stern certainly did things right with this table. TRON Legacy came out in 2011, which turned out to be a knock-out year for Stern. Their first rock'n'roll band-themed table, The Rolling Stones, was released, followed by TRON Legacy and, one of my favorite Stern tables, Transformers, rounded out the 2011 line-up.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


WHOA WHOA WHOA! Here I thought I knew of every machine in Toronto but recently my friend AK and his ol' lady Allison spotted a machine out in the wild that I have never stumbled across! Now, I have a few things I consult in order to locate pinball like my Google Map, Pinballin' in The Big City, as well as a great app, Pinfinder. There is a free version but it only shows you the machines in your immediate location. But I digress... In what I consider a FINE HUNT, Stern's Monopoly has been spotted at Humber Cinema!

Monopoly was released in September 2001 and was a part of Stern's earliest licensed tables alongside Austin Powers and NFL (The first licensed table by Stern was Harley Davidson). Monopoly was designed by Pat Lawlor, who also designed for Stern Roller Coaster Tycoon (Would you like a review? OF COURSE!) and Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Years from Bright Lights Bumper City!

Hello friends! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year's. I'm certainly looking forward to 2013. Lots of pinball on the horizon I hope! 2012 made for a lot of new discoveries and also a few sad moments but c'est la vie.

I took a bit of a sabbatical from since the Pinball Cafe closed and unfortunately haven't posted since. I have some stuff coming up for you though so keep tuned in! If you want to follow my pinball adventures more closely, may I invite you to my Instagram page! I tend to post new machines and whenever I'm playing pretty often so if you want to keep up with BLBC, then Instagram is a good way to go! (Please keep in mind that I post a lot of other stuff like... cats and food haha)

Check it out because there may be a few hints as to the next reviews coming up this month!