Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Silver Ball Spook Show Special!

Hey it's almost Halloween! I bet many of you are catching up on some Halloween classics and working on some serious costumes! For this most horrifying holiday, I have put together a little treat for you! Spooky stuff and Horror movies have always had a small niche carved out in the world of pinball. Everything from haunted houses to getting scared stiff!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

TRIP REPORT: Pinball Gallery in Downington, PA

Road-trippin' with my two favourite allies, my broski, Shane and my old man, MY DAD! We travelled out to Pennsylvania for an Antique Auto Swap Meet in order to obtain some serious parts for Shane's BONE COLD Hot Rod!



... And, of course, we managed to sneak some pinball in too! Thanks to Shane, who organized the trip and located the Pinball Gallery in a little town called Downington in Pennsylvania!

The Pinball Gallery is WILD! They have quite a few pinball machines, about 18, ranging from early Solid-States (Bally's Eight Ball and Gottlieb's Genie) to late-model Sterns (Spider-Man and Shrek). The pinball machines at The Pinball Gallery are available to the public at very reasonable prices, most costing either a quarter or 50 cents, and are maintained by Shelly and Bill Disney.

The machines were kept in absolute pristine condition. I don't think I have ever seen machines on site in the condition these were kept. Yeah, I did some nice machines at The Michigan Pinball Expo (Read all about it here) but those are collector machines that usually just sit in some dude's basement so they don't get a heckuva lot of play.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Big D on the Big D

I had some free time a few weeks ago and I was out on the Danforth so I figured I would hunt down some of the wild pinball machines in the area that I have yet to see. I had already discovered World Cup Soccer '94 at Eastenders and NASCAR at Eton House in my pinball update here but I was also aware of a few places on the Danforth that had pinball machines of their own.