Friday, September 18, 2015

BUMP & SURF 4: Jammin' in The Junction

You know that I've been posting about this lil thing called Bump & Surf the last couple of months. I joined forces with local Surf band, Luau or Die for a monthly residency at Junction City Music Hall. We combined two of my favorite things, pinball and Surf music! If you have been following this blog for any time at all, you know how much I love JCMH's pinball line-up. It's even better when you can play along to some great live Surf! We are reaching the end of summer and along with that, the end of our lil residency at JCMH! 
Unfortunately, Luau Or Die are unable to make this show but in their stead we have two fantastic bands from the Toronto Surf Scene, The Cliff Divers and The Calrizians. In addition, I will be spinning all sorts of great surf tunes on physical and digital media. 

Since you may be unfamiliar with the bands, I'll give you a quick review! 

The Cliff Divers consists of Johnny G on the guitar, Nautiloid Rick on the bass, and Big Bad Danny Brody on the drums. They got a real heavy Surf sound, keeping things a bit like the traditional Surf that you are used to while also throwing in some real neat tricks to get you movin' and shakin'! 
Just wait till good ol' Johnny G busts out the steel lap guitar, Surfy! They got a few other surfadelic licks up their sleeve so you better come out to Bump & Surf and experience it for yourself! 

Next up we have The Calrizians and they are real cool. The Calrizians rock a unique sound by incorporating an electric organ to their mix of classic surf tunes and covers you never thought you would hear! I'll give ya a hint... Blondie and Black Sabbath. Want to know how that sounds? Well, you better make it out to the show on September 26th!
As for the pinball at JCMH, if you caught my previous post about City Pinball, Twilight Zone has joined the lineup and man it is GOOOOOOOOOD! 
Thanks to Mike B. for this pic!
Hopefully this is enough to entice you to come out to Bump & Surf 4 at Junction City Music Hall on Saturday, September 26th! That's next week! It is a matinee gig so come on out around 1PM, stick around for some awesome Surf music, maybe grab a drink and play some pinball, then go home and have a nap so yer ready for Saturday night! NICE! Don't forget to click this link and RSVP on the Facebook page!