Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ford Mustang Pro... REVEAL!

Big news today from Stern! They released the details of the Mustang Pro model and pictures as well!

Dang, that is a nice looking table! Continuing with the new tradition ushered in by Star Trek Pro, Mustang will be entirely outfitted with LEDs. The news is that Camilo Pardo, the individual who designed the GT-40, actually only did the backglass and cabinet art and not the playfield. Despite that, the artwork is really pretty. The playfield still has the Stern standard of photoshop playfield artwork but what can ya do? It's not a make-or-break for me. What I'm really interested in is the playfield.

That playfield looks stacked! Stern's press release doesn't reveal the designer but the rumor is that it could be John Trudeau. There are shades of Trudeau's trademarks such as the left ramp leading to the Whirlpool over the right flipper reminiscent of Creature From The Black Lagoon
And the GEARS drop targets ala Judge Dredd... Unfortunately no picture of it though.

Mustang looks like it will live up to it's vehicular counterpart and play fast. There are a lot of ramp and loop shots to make and only one eject hole so there will hopefully be less stop-and-go play. I see this playing more like Metallica and AC/DC rather than X-Men.

It has also been confirmed that the Mustang on the playfield can be changed out for the mustang of your choice! Don't like the current model Mustang? Switch it out for a '65 no problem! Stern built the car turntable to easily change the Mustang model. There are even little platforms on the ramps that you can use to install 1/64 Mustangs... or any other model car that size if yer so inclined. The customization is a neat little feature that helps make the table your own.

I have a good feeling that Mustang will be a step in the right direction for Stern and will continue the high quality of their latest releases. There's nothing crazy innovative about the playfield but it looks like a solid layout that will be a blast to play. If the rumors of Trudeau being the designer are true then I know it will be a homerun for Stern. I really enjoy Trudeau's tables, especially the aforementioned Creature From The Black Lagoon and Judge Dredd. Even though he has not designed a pinball machine for nearly 15 years, if Mustang is any indication at this point, I would say Trudeau's still got it.

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