Monday, February 17, 2014

Bumper City - Down at The Arcade

OK SO today is my birthday and I have a gift for you!

Please enjoy Bumper City's Down at The Arcade! It is a podcast mix of pinball arcade soundscapes and music to play pinball to!
The music mix is an assortment of new wave, space disko and synth. I even snuck in a little bit of Lou Reed! The pinball sounds you will hear feature all sorts of machines, everything from Theatre of Magic to Time Machine.
Speaking of Time Machine, this very table made an appearance, at least in sound form, on my other project, The Surfphony of Derstruction 2000. Now, if I may shamelessly plug my projects, the Surfphony of Derstruction is a music podcast featuring my alter ego, Derk Brigante (number 1). On the show, I play all sorts of surf and instrumental music, new and old and always cool! In the latest episodes, Derk Brigante is trapped in a nuclear wasteland and is on the search for an arcade... That arcade being Bumper City! Could it be the very same one featured in this podcast?! IT IS! If you listen closely to Down at The Arcade, you will definitely hear the exact same Time Machine that Derk Brigante is in search of. Just don't tell him it's a pinball machine; he thinks otherwise.

OK enough of the shameless plug and back to Down at The Arcade. Spend the day at the arcade playing pinball. When you first get there, take a look at all the machines! It's pretty busy so you will have to wait your turn. Later on, things start winding down and only a few people are still hanging around and playing pinball. Before you know it, it's closing time but you gotta get one more game in!

Please enjoy and have a good time down at the arcade!

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