Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pinball Update for May 26, 2013

You know that I just love doing these pinball updates at the end of the month! I've been awfully busy lately, playing pinball, setting high scores, hunting down machines... You know, the usual stuff! I have a lot of great updates to bring you this time around but first how about a little preview of Pinballapalooza? I will be doing a more thorough review of the event soon but I have something special for it so hold yer horses! Enjoy these pics for now!

That's only half of it! But I don't want to spoil too much! Now let's get in to the real reason for this post: UPDATES!

California Sandwiches has replaced Spider-Man with The Rolling Stones.

Batman still resides at the restaurant and I also put a high score up this weekend!

Community 54 now has Premier's SHAQ ATTAQ in their lobby arcade!

The flippers are pretty weak so you'll have a bit of trouble making the ramp shots.

Stag's Head in Oshawa replaced Playboy with X-MEN!

Keeping with the comic book theme, The Avengers has turned up at Done Right Inn!

Best of all... METALLICA has shown up at Monarch Tavern!

Holy Moley, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this table. It is BRAND NEW! Metallica was just recently released and has been showing up on site but I never thought I would see one this soon! It is in pristine condition so get there and get playing while the playing is good!

Additionally, every new pinball table release, Stern puts on Launch Parties all over North America. Toronto is lucky enough to get one at Wacky Wings! Wacky Wings is actually in Mississauga so if you're not afraid of traveling out that way then swing by the Metallica Launch Party on June 7th!

OK, now that updates on current locations are out of the way, let's get into it and look for new locations!

Boo Radley's Bar N Grill in the Junction at 1482 Dupont St. has Williams' Medieval Madness! I got a lead on this one through somebody at Pinballapalooza.

The playfield is really grimy and dirty and one of the trolls doesn't pop out. It's not too much of a problem because instead of hitting the troll, you just hit the target behind them. I find this to actually be a blessing in disguise as those damn trolls cause so many drains!

Euro Sports Bar on the corner of College and Lansdowne at 252 Lansdowne Ave has Stern's Harley Davidson!

Unfortunately, the first time I went by to check this table out was the only time it was working. I've been by twice and it has been out of order. No word on if and when it will be fixed. I'll keep ya in the know though when it's back up and running!

Traveling back to the Durham Region, Shane and I found World Poker Tour at Melanie Pringles near Dundas and Thickson at 80 Thickson Rd.

I'm pretty sure Shane pulled off a Whitby Shuffle here. The machine isn't too happy about it either.
Mini-playfield Multiball!
Those are the latest in updates and finds in the city and surrounding areas! Keep tuned to Bright Lights Bumper City and I will make sure you're in the know of where to find pinball in Toronto!

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