Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Farewell to The Pinball Cafe... Part II

I'll keep it brief... More pictures here of The Pinball Cafe's line-up throughout it's lifetime.

Visit Part I here if you haven't looked through yet. Plenty of pictures there too.

One of my most favourite machines to grace The Cafe's lineups... Stern's TRANSFORMERS LE!

X-MEN (Stern) wasn't too shabby either!

Speaking of comic book superheroes, Batman (Stern) was a part of the final line-up. You can read the review here and check out a lot more pictures of Batman.

Williams' Medieval Madness had a good run near the end.
Another Williams classic, Pin-Bot, rounded out the final line-up.

  Don't forget about Bally's Mystic.

Charlie's Angels (Gottlieb) had a short stint.
But then I helped move it out.
And the oldest machine at The Cafe, Doodle Bug!

That's it for the photos I have of The Pinball Cafe! Honorable mentions go to Comet, the longest lasting table at The Cafe, Iron Man, Eight Ball, Golden Arrow, Addams Family GOLD, Skylab, Ripley's Believe It or Not! and a few others I was was unable to get photos of. May The Pinball Cafe always live on in our hearts and here on Bright Lights Bumper City!

BONUS I've really wanted to show off this stuck ball(s) I got on Ripley's one afternoon. 

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