Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I know the zombie trend is getting awfully played out... Zombies are everywhere; they're on TV, movies, and video games... but pinball? I can't really think of any zombies-themed tables... Well, Stern just dropped the announcement of their latest table!

The Walking Dead will be Stern's latest table and if the pictures are any indication, it's going to be one helluva table!
I'm getting some serious Metallica vibes from this table and if that's any indication, The Walking Dead is going to be wicked!
You have the usual big targets that Stern likes to use but beyond that, this table looks very shot-oriented. Lots of ramps and loops to the looks of it. I can see about 4 in the above shot alone! DANG!
 Would ya look at that too! Right next to the prison are rollover targets! nice! I haven't seen those in ages! It's nice to see an old design feature making its way back onto modern tables.
Stern has also released a teaser picture of the premium version of Walking Dead and it looks really cool.
It even has a fish tank with illuminated sculpted zombie heads! WHAT?! That sounds awesome.
So far, just a few pictures from Stern have been released but keep tuned into Bright Lights Bumper City and as soon as I play this table, you know that I will have a review about it! I can't wait!

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