Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pinball Sunday Part III - Get Well

Round 3 of Kensington Brewing Company and 3030's Pinball Sunday tournaments was held at Get Well this past Sunday.
There was a good turnout for this week's tournament. The tournament brackets were completely filled up with people that had come for the tournament and others that were just hanging around Get Well. Lots of people did show up for the tournament specifically so that was pretty cool!
Get Well has updated their machines since my last visit during the Pinball Crawl; Pin-Bot has replaced the decrepit Captain Fantastic.

The Captain has been relegated to Sonic Boom as decoration.
ANYWAYS, the Pin-Bot that is now at Get Well is the same one that was at 3030 a little while ago, back in January according to one of my updates. This table is operated by the guys at The Pinball Club so it is kept in optimal condition. The Dolly Parton was working though the table itself is pretty rough. We played the majority of the tournament on Pin-Bot, though a few early rounds were played on Dolly.
I managed to fight my way up the ranks to the Semi-Finals but I came up against the winner of last week's tournament at Lipstick and Dynamite, Tyler, and lost. Tyler proceeded to go on to the finals and win this week's tournament as well.
The final tournament will be held at 3030. It has been postponed to MAY 11th so it gives you a little more time to practice. With my performances lately, I'm glad it's been postponed because I really need to get some practice in! My cheap excuse is that I hurt both of my hands over the weekend but fought through it. I'm paying for it now though. Typing this post was pretty painful but the show must go on...
My initial impressions of Get Well were never the most favorable, mostly due to the crappy conditions of the pinball machines but now that I know that they got The Pinball Club helping them out, I'm changing my tune. Get Well is a really nice place, good vibes, good machines, good times... and Pabst cans for 5 bucks, I can't complain about that. Real cool place to hang out. I was reminiscing about The Port a lot last night, back before the place became Get Well and had a World Cup Soccer. It's a shame that we lost a great pinball table but the people at Get Well have really spruced up the location and turned into something fantastic.
ALRIGHT DON'T FORGET! FINAL TOURNAMENT IS AT 3030 DUNDAS WEST, MAY 11TH (yeah, it's mother's day... SO WHAT?!) One last tournament and a special screening of Special When Lit! I got word that there may be a mystery machine there too... if ya need a little incentive to get you to come out to the final Pinball Sunday!

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