Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kensington Brewery and 3030 Present: Those Elite Guilty Pleasures... and a Pinball Tourney!

Bright Lights Bumper City is always on top of the latest breaking pinball news! I just got word that Kensington Brewing Company and 3030 Dundas West are putting on a neat event this Friday, November 1st, dig it!
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An evening of retro music on vinyl by DJ WHAT'SHERPROBLEM?!! and pinball sounds like a real good ol skool time! That and the beer that will be there! Kensington Brewing Co. is going to be crackin' open a few kegs of their very own beer, Augusta Ale, FISH EYE-PA, and the new pinball-themed beer, TILT! Very nice! But beer is not the focus of BLBC, it's the pinball that we're interested in! As the poster indicates, there will be a FREE pinball tournament going down on Friday night and from what I've heard, it's gonna be ELIMINATION STYLE! Head-to-head elimination battles to determine who is the king of pinball... at least for the night with a prize pack by Kensington Brewery and 3030! There might even be a few challenges to prove that you are a true pinball wizard! I suggest RSVP'ing with the Facebook event to keep up-to-date. If you're not familiar with 3030's tables, take a quick look!

One helluva vintage lineup! Most tournaments I have been involved in usually have lineups of later model tables. For example, the 2013 Canadian Pinball Championship's lineup was mainly 90's era DMD tables...

Although they did have a classics tourney with a couple of EM's and early SS tables. 3030's lineup is a mixture of EM's and classic 80's SS tables so it will be a blast to play in a tournament setting on these tables.

Playing on the later model tables in tournaments makes me nervous; the tables play frantic enough as it is and sometimes tables for tournaments are set to even harder settings. I end up choking and playing pretty bad as my previous two attempts at the Canadian Pinball Championships have shown.

So here's hoping this tournament is a little more laid back! OH BY THE WAY, just to make sure you know, there is NO entry fee for the tournament but bring some quarters just in case! This is guaranteed to be a good time, what with all the Kensington brew, retro vinyl and, of course, some pinball!

3030, Kensington Brewing Co. and BLBC are trying to drum up some interest so if you want to help a couple of fellas in the ol' social media realm, you can follow 3030 at @3030DundasWest and Kensington Brewing Co. at @DrinkGoodBeer. Use the hashtag #3030Pinball to assist us! In addition to that, don't forget to RSVP to the Facebook event and invite all yer friends! 

Mark down on your calendar this Friday, November 1st for Those Elite Guilty Pleasures and set yer GPS to 3030 Dundas West down in the Junction! OH IS THERE COVER??? NO! How can you go wrong with that?! Hope to see ya there!

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