Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Actually a few are approaching...

From the ashes of The Port rises a new Phoenix... Get Well Dundas West... Get Well...
Get Well is a new bar on Dundas West taking over for The Port at 1191 Dundas West. They really spruced up the place and it's worth checking out! The decoration over the bar is quite stunning. An assortment of arcade machines lines the back walls while two pinball machines are tucked away behind the beer fridge.

The lineup is...
... And Bally's Dolly Parton.

I can't say too much about these machines as we went to the bar on opening night and it was packed. Another problem was that these machines were in really crappy condition. We only played Captain Fantastic and we had enough trouble with that table alone so we didn't bother with Dolly Parton. From what I saw from other people playing, it was a real problem child too. Lotsa stuck balls going on and not the kind you can shake a stick at... or shake the machine to get loose.
This one wasn't too bad. We shook it out eventually.

This one... not so much. We had to stop playing after we got this ball stuck.
Enough talk about machines that are nothing to write home about! The Pinball Cafe, always one to be switching up it's line-up, recently replaced Bally's Xenon with Bally's Mystic, which looks to already be getting the boot after my visit on Monday. I went by last week when Jason was out picking up Mystic and when I stopped by yesterday, it was packed up and looking like it was ready to go! Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures during it's short lifespan.

Gilchrist Games keeps a machine on route at the Pinball Cafe and they recently came by this weekend to change out Ripley's Believe it or Not! for...
Stern's The Simpsons Pinball Party!
Miranda and I got a few rounds in on this machine but it ate us up and spit us OUT. The Simpsons Pinball Party plays fast as all hell an has a bunch of precariously positioned shots on the lower playfield that can send the ball careening down through the outlanes. Take a look at the placement of the jet bumpers and the targets out front. Hit one of those with some serious speed from the orbits and you'll never see what hit you! Miranda got seriously burned on this machine. There's absolutely no ballsave so she kept draining soon after the ball hit the playfield. Chalk it up to bad luck because Miranda is a pretty good player. Even I was having a bit of difficulty on this table. I'm sure it will take some time to get used to but from first impressions, I was quite pleased with the table though it's already starting to show some cracks. When we were in, the third flipper was being troublesome and wasn't responding too well. Many shots were whiffed because the third flipper would just twitch rather than full-out flipping! If the ball got hit by a flipper twitch, I had to use some serious body english to get the ball onto the left flipper. The third flipper is pretty useful as some of the upper playfield shots are easier to make from the third flipper. Besides that issue, the machine is in awesome condition. There's a ton of original soundclips from the cast of The Simpsons and the DMD animations are really funny. The playfield is bright and colourful brought to you by a winning combination of lights and artwork.

My friend AK went by Scotiabank Theatre this past week and reported a replacment for The Rolling Stones.

Stern's Pirates of the Caribbean has resurfaced. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the table as of yet but AK did send me a stuck ball that our friend Sean Poling got! 
Nice work Sean!
Keep tuned in! I'm always on the lookout for new Pinball and I always find my machines!

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