Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obituary & New Discoveries


The Port down on Dundas St. W and Ossington have closed their doors. A Bally World Cup Soccer '94 resided there and was a fantastic machine. It's sad to see The Port and World Cup Soccer go. I will write a review shortly about World Cup Soccer as a tribute to The Port.

So long, World Cup Soccer... that's my score on the left.

I stopped by a couple of the local bars that host pinball machines and got a few games in recently. Unfortunately, two machines are down and out of service right now. Unloveable's Data East Star Wars machine is broken as well as Mezzrow's Stern World Poker Tour. In good news, Universal Billiards has a new machine, Stern's Striker Xtreme. The Ballroom's Roller Coaster Tycoon, based on the top selling PC-CD game, which I reviewed previously, is still in good working condition. No problems with the flipper this time around.

I've been finding myself traveling to the east end lately and have been scouring for pinball in the area. I went to Alliance Cinema down near Queen St. E and Coxwell last night to see THE AVENGERS and spotted a Stern Wheel of Fortune in their arcade!

 I didn't get a chance to play it since the movie was about to start but I did get a good look at it. The machine is in near mint condition. Wheel of Fortune's playfield is really clean and looks like its barely been played. The table looks like a lot of fun and from what I've read in reviews, Wheel of Fortune is a really underrated table. I will definitely have to venture out there very soon to try it out!

Community 54 has a new machine in their arcade as well. Replacing Gottlieb's Street Fighter II machine is Williams' Gulfstream, a 1973 Electro-Mechanical pinball. Nothing too special about it but it is a fun old machine. Plenty of loud bells and whistles on this one. The ball doesn't travel too fast on this machine so it's a pretty laid back machine.

I've also updated my Toronto Pinball Map, Pinballin' in the Big City, so check it out if you need some directions for pinball!

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