Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feature in The Continuist

Hello All!

I recently made a pinball map of Toronto West for a little zine group, The Continuist! The Continuist consists of a group of Ryerson students collecting submissions of art, poetry, photos, stories, all sorts of stuff!

I decided to make something a little different, give people something they can use. I made a map of pinball locations in the West End with a list showing each location, its address and which machine resides there. Hopefully people will get a kick out of this and try to hunt down the machines!!

Click Here to see the post that the Continuist did for me and the map!

Also, if you want to get yer hands on a physical copy of The Continuist zine, make an appearance at their End of the Year party less than a week away! Should be good times (not a long time)

In other news, Shane, my younger brother, and I went to the local bowling alley in the Dirty 'Shwa, Leisure Lanes, to play some pinball. At first, we were playing pretty well but then it devolved into this:

We were trying to see who could nudge the machine the most without TILTing it. Shane managed to shimmy the Big Buck Hunter Pro there back and forth and get 2 warnings. I kept shoving the Iron Man machine, sometimes trapping Shane in the Sega Super GT cabinet.

Here's a better shot of where the machine ended up. Normally, it's supposed to sit parallel to the other arcade cabinets! Not pictured was when I nudged it ALLLLL the way over to the other side onto the carpet!

Keep tuned in and the quarters handy! Plenty more posts to come up in the near future!

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